Is Chainsaw Man’s Power stronger than the Bat Devil?

Visuals from the Chainsaw Man anime trailer
Power in the Chainsaw Man anime Trailer. Pic credit: MAPPA

I loved everything about the Bat Devil Arc. It showed Power’s past, a bonding moment over pets, and Denji fighting the Bat Devil while screaming he’s going to cop a feel. But what would have happened if Power had joined the fight?

She’s proven capable of handling herself and would have had righteous fury. Making her already chaotic mannerisms even more unpredictable.

And you know Denji wouldn’t have sat there and let her fight alone. He made a deal, and Meowy is still with the Bat Devil.

It doesn’t matter that Power tricked him as long as he could touch her chest!

Chainsaw Man
The Bat Devil attempts to fly away and gurgle with children’s blood. Pic credit: MAPPA

Ground rules

Given that Devils are strongest in their Devil forms, the Bat Devil has an advantage. But we don’t know why Power became a Fiend or how long she’s been running around.

Bats are associated with vampires and blood and are a common theme for all things spooky. However, they can also carry bacteria and germs, making them a more common fear than blood.

As most people won’t freak out if they get cut. The Bat Devil has fangs and claws and doesn’t discriminate against his victims.

He has preferences but will go after any gender, body type, and age. Power has also shown similar tendencies when it comes to meat.

But her appearance looks more human, and most people aren’t going to be scared of her by sight. So the Bat Devil can fly and turn his mouth into a canon.

Power relies on her blood for fighting, and both have a strong sense of smell. But of course, Power can also rely on Denji, where the Bat Devil is by himself.

The Leech Devil didn’t show up during the fight, so if Power and Denji had worked together, they would have won much faster.

Who would win?

Given that the Bat Devil was weakened during their first encounter. I believe Power would have won, or at least hurt the Bat Devil enough to allow her and Meowy to escape.

But the Bat Devil knew who she was when he grabbed Meowy. Power’s Devil Form looks nothing like her Fiend Form.

And Devils lose their memories every time they die. So how did the Bat Devil know Power was the Blood Devil?

Why was Power in the countryside to begin with? That body came from somewhere, and a Devil is usually weakened when they become a Fiend.

Did the Bat Devil seek her out because he knew she’d be able to smell humans as well as he could? And what would have happened if the Bat Devil landed some blows to Power?

Just because she was dirty and naked doesn’t mean she couldn’t defend herself. But if she used too much of her blood, she wouldn’t have been able to continue.

And if the Bat Devil hurt Meowy in front of Power, would she have stopped fighting? I feel bad for the Bat Devil for having to deal with Denji and his ranting about Power’s chest.

This arc showed an excellent way for these two characters to bond. But can you imagine what would happen if Power had participated in that fight?

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