MAPPA has uploaded three PV trailers in honor of the countdown for the Chainsaw Man Season 1 Finale!

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 screenshot
The Chainsaw Man Episode 9 screenshot features Kobeni timidly confronting Denji’s assailants before kicking their butts. Pic credit: MAPPA

MAPPA has uploaded three more PV trailers in honor of the Chainsaw Man Season 1 Finale! Kobeni, Pochita, and Power are blessed with PV trailers.

But where Aki’s and Himeno’s PVs might have held hints for the upcoming episode. Instead, these three appear to focus on and highlight some of the character’s best moments.

Chainsaw Man
We don’t know why Power chose her current form, but we’re glad she’s here! Pic credit: MAPPA


Poor Kobeni. Although most of her backstory is still unknown. We know her parents are forcing her to risk her life to send her brother to college.

And if she doesn’t like being a Public Devil Hunter, she can always become a prostitute. I’d love to see someone hurt her parents over this.

But there’s no sign of that happening. Kobeni panics, but she does get a moment to redeem herself in the battle against the Katana Man.

Will we see more of her skills before Chainsaw Man Season 1 ends?


There are so many mysteries surrounding this character! And even the manga hasn’t cleared most of them up.

Will part 2 of the manga give us some clues? I hope so because I need to know why Chainsaw Man can eliminate Devils and their respective fears from existence.

I’ve seen many great theories, but none of them work entirely. For example, does every Devil have a weakened form?

And if so, do they always look like animals? Is there a Dog Devil, or was that what Pochita was when we first met him?

And does a Devil have to be weakened before merging with a human to become a Hybrid?


The glorious Power has been a fan favorite since her introduction. But, just like Kobeni and Pochita, we don’t know everything about her.

But she could be much more dangerous if she tried to be! So, unfortunately, Power hasn’t had any moments to show off her skills.

Although we get a taste during “Operation Smart.” With the right motivation, Power can do anything.

But will she be able to show us anything new before the finale? And what about her growing relationship with Denji and Aki?

Why did Power run away by herself instead of, at least, trying to save some of her comrades? What secrets is the Blood Fiend hiding?

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