LEGENDS LIMITED Android 17 and EXTREME Android 18 are now available in Dragon Ball Legends!

Dragon Ball Legends
Get our favorite pair of Android Siblings and own your opponent! Pic credit: Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball Legends‘ newest event, Legends Step-Up The Entrusted Hope, began on January 18, 2023. And it’s a must for Dragon Ball Super and Android fans!

Being able to beat someone with one finger has never felt so satisfying. And you can enjoy the English dub and Japanese voice acting on the same day.

Dragon Ball Legends
Legends Limited Android 17 is perfect for most teams! Pic credit: Bandai Namco

Show them the power of Universe 7!

The Entrusted Hope will end on February 8, 2023, and you can get twice the amount of Z-Power during the first half. In addition, sparking characters have a 20% chance of appearing if you collect extra The Entrusted Hope.

You can trade it for more Z-Power and Gasha tickets for LEGENDS LIMITED Android 17 (DBL55-01S). And trust me. You’ll want this character for most of your teams.

LEGENDS LIMITED Android 17 comes with a unique gauge that fills whenever he or an ally is attacked with enemy arts. Once the meter is full, enemies are banned from using their primary abilities, and they’ll take more special and ultimate damage.

But LEGENDS LIMITED Android 17 has a one-time use effect where he can restore his health if he reaches zero. The official Dragon Ball website doesn’t say if he completely heals himself, so try to use that ability as a last resort.

Don’t forget Android 18!

Everything about EXTREME Android 18 (DBL55-02E) is about support. Including the art as we see Android 17 behind her as inspiration.

But she’s a queen of support and shouldn’t be overlooked! When you’re on the field, all allies with the Tags: Android or Space Representative have their waiting counts by five.

And you can use this ability three times. Return EXTREME Android 18 to the reserve to heal your team and increase their damage output.

From January 20-27, 2023, The World Challenge Raid vs. Jiren is on. Collect Raid Medal #4 as drops from winning battles and exchange them for items like the Crystal of Time.

Damage Rewards for Jiren and Fighting Point Rewards for performing specific actions in cooperation with other players are included. Challenge the raid bosses as often as you want and build a character that will increase your Raid Medal #4 drops and give you an advantage in battle.

If you fail to get the Androids during the event, you have until February 22, 2023. But you won’t get the extra Z-Power or increased chance of Sparking characters.

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