ULTRA Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta has arrived in Dragon Ball Legends!

Dragon Ball Legends
Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta is ready to fight in Dragon Ball Legends! Pic credit: Bandai Namco

On December 27, 2022, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta is coming to Dragon Ball Legends! We’re also getting some new backgrounds, Blizzard from Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be available for background music, and a new chapter in story mode is coming in 2023!

Making this one of the best times to get into the game. And other events are going on all the time.

One of which includes Broly!

Dragon Ball Legends
Don’t miss out on making Broly even stronger! Pic credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

What kind of fighter is Gogeta?

ULTRA Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta is a melee fighter with strong offense and defense. If you haven’t played Dragon Ball Legends, it’s a gacha game with over 400 characters, card mechanics, real-time gameplay, and a dash of Pokemon.

ULTRA Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta has the Saiyan, Fusion, Fusion Warrior, God Ki, and Super Saiyan God SS tags. His Z Ability 3 is 3% to special move damage inflicted by Fusion Warrior and 38% to Fusion Warrior or Saiyan base Strike Attack and Defense during battle.

He comes with several ULTRA Abilities depending on whether he’s the leader. If this Gogeta is the leader, he gains 30% of the damage inflicted and 30% to Ki Recovery.

Neither of these can be canceled, and they go into effect once the battle starts. If he’s not the leader, only cards with Fusion Warrior battle/support members will gain 5% for damage inflicted and 5% for Ki Recovery.

They can’t be canceled, but only three battle and support cards can be selected for the boost. So always check the tags and Z Abilities when choosing your party members.

And please watch this video and head to the Dragon Ball Legends website for more details on using Gogeta and learning how to play.

2023 New Year’s Fierce Fight!! Super Saiyan Broly: Full Power

In case you haven’t seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly recently, Super Saiyan Broly: Full Power is Broly’s final form in his fight with Gogeta. His armor is gone, his eyes are entirely white, meaning he’s no longer in control of his actions, and his last attack was firing a wave of Ki like a dragon.

It didn’t help him since Gogeta jumped over and attacked him from behind. But it looked cool and showed how much Broly needs to learn.

Mainly since Goku can track his Ki! But this event is similar to the Fierce Fight!! Fused Zamusu, and you can only get this Broly in this event.

Once you have Broly, you can earn Z Power and Z Power equipment to help Limit Break him in the Hyperdymensional Co-Op that’s happening at the same time. Limit Break refers to the number of stars on a card.

How many times can you Limit Break Broly or Gogeta during these events?

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