One Piece Episode 1042 revisits Robin’s backstory

One Piece Robin
One Piece Episode 1042 focuses on Nico Robin’s emotional backstory. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Episode 1042, titled “The Predator’s Trap – Black Maria’s Temptation”, aired on November 27, 2022, with a lot of action and a lot of flashbacks.

The episode starts where the last episode left off — Yamato vs Kaido and Franky vs Sasaki.

Franky once again goes with his V-For-Victory Flash after hitting Sasaki with a General Suplex. He wants to attack Sasaki’s weak spot, his belly. But Sasaki dodges his attack by once again flying by rotating his neck frills and using them like a propeller!

Who knew Triceratops could do that? I guess we’ll learn a lot about dinosaurs in the upcoming fights.

Franky wishes he were a better swordsman as his sword breaks in a clash. Maybe we’ll see Zoro teaching Franky a technique or two in the future! Imagine General Franky using Zoro’s Daishinkan attack!

Franky finishes his hard-fought battle by using his iconic Radical Beam and defeating Sasaki. Defeating a Tobiroppo 1v1 shows how far Franky has come.

Yamato vs Kaido

After Franky defeats Sasaki, we next focus on Yamato vs Kaido. It is revealed that Yamato ate Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit — Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. According to Kaido, it is a Guardian Deity of Wano.

Yamato and Kaido clash using their breath attacks. Yamato uses ice-based Namuji Glacier Fang, while Kaido uses his fire-based Blast Breath.

Robin’s flashback

We move away from Kaido vs Yamato to Nico Robin, where we see her walking into Black Maria’s illusion mist. Robin’s mother Olivia, Professor Clover, and Jaguar D. Saul came to life in this mist. This made Robin reminisce about her time at Ohara with her loved ones.

But Robin figured out that it was all an illusion. She uses her Tres Mano Freesia to strike the three gifters resembling her loved ones.

While Episode 1042 may seem like a filler, which half of it is, to be honest, I’m pretty sure most people loved the flashback. I personally would watch the episode just to watch Robin and Saul laughing together. DERISHISHISHISHISHI

The preview of One Piece episode 1043 is also out, and it looks like it will also be mostly filler. The episode will focus on Brook’s backstory with Laboon and the Rumbar Pirates. So we’re up for another emotional rollercoaster of an episode.

You can watch the latest One Piece episodes every week on Crunchyroll.

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