One Piece Episode 1043 revisits Brook’s backstory

Brook One Piece
Brook’s backstory in One Piece Episode 1043. Pic credit: Toei Animation

One Piece Episode 1043, titled “Slash the Nightmare – Brook Draws His Freezing Sword,” aired on December 4, 2022, with a lot of action and a lot of flashbacks.

After revisiting Nico Robin’s backstory in Episode 1042, One Piece Episode 1043 focuses on Brook’s backstory.

Robin wasn’t the only one to walk into Black Maria’s illusion mist; Brook was also affected by it. Lost in the mist, Brook comes across Captain Yorkie and the Rumbar Pirates singing Bink’s Sake.

For 50 years, drifting alone in the sea, Brook had dreamed of only one thing — that the death of his crewmates was a dream. And now they were in front of him.

Brook joins them and starts playing the piano, reminiscing about his time with the Rumbar Pirates and baby Laboon. But of course, the Rumbar pirates are dead. And the ones imitating them are subordinates of Black Maria.

Brook once again realizes that all his crewmates are dead, and this is all an illusion. He uses his Song of Scratches – Blizzard Slice to defeat the imitators.

And the heartbreaking scene ends with a Panties joke (obviously). Brook asks them to show him their panties instead of an illusion.

Robin vs Black Maria

After her illusion mist fails, Black Maria appears and chases after Brook and Robin. Her weapon Wanyudo is actually a Pug smile user! Due to his small Pug body, Wanyudo can run inside the wheel part of the weapon to generate fire. This was such a wacky idea by Oda LoL.

Brook uses his Cold Soul to freeze Wanyudo so that he can no longer assist Black Maria.

Black Maria calls Robin a burden on her crew and laughs at Sanji for Selling her out. But Robin does not bother explaining to Maria because she would never understand just how much it meant to Robin for Sanji to rely on her.

Robin uses Gigante Fleur, and the real battle starts.

Dragon Momonosuke

The Heart Pirates save Luffy in the sea and carry him to Tokage Port in Wano. Here Momonosuke and Shinobu meet Luffy. Luffy asks Momo to stop crying and act like a Commander in chief.

And finally, Luffy asks Momo to transform into his Dragon form and carry him to Onigashima!

This will be a tough task for Momo, as we know he is afraid of heights. And is it even possible to for him to fly with Luffy on his back? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

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