Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos movie release date in Summer 2023 – 2-part film ending the manga’s Stars story arc?

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon sits on the side of a building
The new Sailor Moon movie will premiere in the Summer of 2023. Pic credit: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos Production Committee

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos movie release date is confirmed for a Summer 2023 premiere.

The announcement was made via the official Sailor Moon Cosmos Twitter account as well as the official website for the film on April 28, 2022.

The post reads, “With a beautiful night view of Tokyo in the background, a melancholy expression Eternal Sailor Moon”. 

Along with the confirmed date, the account also dropped a new visual and teaser trailer for the upcoming movie as well.

The Sailor Moon Cosmo trailer.

Who will be working on the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie?

The website also revealed several names that will be working on the newest Sailor Moon 2023 movie. While there will surely be some new people, there are also quite a few familiar names already attached to the project. 

Production of the movie will be co-handled by Toei Animation and Studio DEEN. Fans of the series will remember these are the same companies that were in charge of the Sailor Moon Eternal film production.  

The Director will be Tomoya Takahashi. He’s directed episodes for famous series such as Hunter x Hunter and Kill la Kill.

Kazuyuki Fudeyasu will be handling the screenplay. He’s written for numerous anime series in the past including Black Clover, Bleach, and several Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure arcs (the JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 release date is in Fall 2022). 

Kazuko Tadano will be in charge of character design. Fans of the franchise may recognize her work from the original Sailor Moon anime, where she served as animation director. 

Music will be done by Yasuharu Takanashi. He has previously worked on the music for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal movie, and countless other anime series. 

Finally, Yumiko Kuga (Studio Jack) will serve as art director. Their credits include a number of movies, including several for the Pokemon franchise. 

Sailor Moon Crystal Movie
The Sailor Moon Eternal movie poster was released in late November 2020. Pic credit: Toei Animation/Studio DEEN

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 not happening?

With this new movie announcement, fans of the series are probably wondering if there will be a new TV season of the Sailor Moon anime to come. 

Like the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal film series before it, The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos movie will be released in two parts. This film will likely take place where the Eternal films left off. 

Anime Geek previously predicted a potential Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 anime TV show for the series. With even the Sailor Moon Cosmos trailer calling this movie “the final chapter”, we can speculate that this 2-part film will wrap up the final manga Sailor Moon Stars arc, and therefore the entire anime as well. 

While Summer 2023 may seem far off, it will be worth waiting to see this popular anime franchise fully completed. Stay tuned!

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