Spy x Family Chapter 73 shows how far some will go for their family! [Review]

Spy x Family
Who will save Anya?! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Spy x Family Chapter 73 starts with a flashback and ends with Anya taking action. This chapter shows several viewpoints concerning politics and what one will do to protect their family.

But nothing excuses taking children hostage, especially when they didn’t do anything wrong. And when you think you can relax, a new problem emerges!

Yuri made a move to help, but will it be enough? And how is Mr. Henderson going to protect the kids?

Spy x Family
Biddy isn’t wrong. But her actions caused her father to become a terrorist. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

Do you speak up for yourself or keep your head down to protect your family?

Spy x Family Chapter 73 confirms what Billy Squire told Mr. Henderson in Chapter 72. His daughter, Biddy, was a member of the Red Circus back when it was a student movement.

In the panel above, she’s arguing with her father about her continued involvement with Red Circus. Billy was only trying to keep her safe; sadly, this would be their last conversation.

Biddy’s cause of death is unknown, but a member of the Red Circus tells Billy that he should consider himself lucky he has a body to bury. He was hinting at the SSS illegally imprisoning others in the past.

And because Billy was her father, the SSS has now marked him, and he should leave the country. The man says that Red Circus will help him get to safety, and it appears to be when Billy joins them.

Anya appears to have seen this flashback but cannot act on it. Finally, Yuri saves the kids at the warehouse but is shot.

How far is too far?

The police receive orders to let the SSS handle things, and they reveal to Red Circus that their comrades have been killed and the kids rescued. They had until dawn to release their hostages, but this was a lie.

Although they say they aim to limit the number of children harmed, the SSS isn’t waiting around. They can’t tolerate terrorists and will do anything to stop them.

Even sacrifice children of influential families. Anya hears the SSS agent’s thoughts and stands up.

It is also revealed that there is a real bomb on the bus, and Vadim, who was driving the bus, is willing to use it. And Mr. Henderson hasn’t made any moves in this chapter.

Can Anya appeal to Billy, or will Mr. Henderson be forced to take action? Will Yuri be well enough to rejoin his comrades and try to save Anya?

The Red Circus arc is easily one of the darkest of Spy x Family. And it’s not holding any punches with these different political views.

I wouldn’t want to be there once Loid and Yor hear about this!

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