The Spy x Family Season 1 finale was amazing! [Review]

Spy x Family
Season 1 leaves us with many questions, but at least we know when we’ll get some answers! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

2 cours, 25 episodes, and a constant dose of Anya! Spy x Family Season 1 had many ups and downs, and the finale was open-ended.

We met Donovan Desmond for the first time, and our main trio’s secrets are safe. But if I didn’t already know that Spy x Family Season 2, a Spy x Family movie, and the manga is continuing, I would’ve hated it.

One of my greatest peeves is when an anime ends when the story isn’t finished. And is one of the reasons why I try to get more people to read the manga.

But with 2023 right around the corner, I did enjoy Spy x Family Episode 25: First Contact. Sadly, there wasn’t a date reveal or special message for fans at the end.

Spy x Family
The evil boss arrives! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Is peace still an option?

Eden takes the Social Gathering very seriously, and Loid is alone. So, unfortunately, we don’t see what happens during the Gathering.

Anya isn’t an Imperial Scholar, and Loid rules out sneaking in. And this point is further driven by conversations between the Handler and another spy.

They could try sneaking in if the plan was to assassinate Desmond. But given the presence of the SSS, it would turn into a suicide mission.

Also, it would only take five minutes for the SSS to capture a spy, and 30 minutes later, said agents would find themselves being tortured. Impersonating a staff member would make it impossible to speak with Desmond.

Everyone goes through several checks, including a body search, before being permitted to enter the Gathering. It’s almost like Eden Acadamy designed the building to make things harder for spies.

But Loid isn’t as alone as he thinks. Anya is determined to help her Papa and has no problem talking to Damien about their test scores.

Becky, Damien, and his friends think Anya is a stalker, and their not wrong.

Hello, Mr. Desmond

Anya’s heart was in the right place, but she still fell asleep. Fortunately, Becky and Martha were there to take Anya home.

And Loid was able to put his backup plan into action. He hid a replica of her sheep keychain near the boys and came in search of it right before the meeting was to take place.

I love how the replica was much cheaper than the original, yet it looked identical. But the impressive moment came when Donovan Desmond made his entrance.

Besides the four bodyguards and a couple moments when he sighed, Donovan Desmond doesn’t scream “final boss.” But his parenting skills leave much to be desired.

He believes that no one can understand another person and that children are strangers even to their parents. Damien becomes visibly upset, but Loid appears to smooth things over.

He wasn’t invited to visit the Desmond Residence. But Donovan Desmond knows his name, and Damien dared to tell his father about his progress at school.

It’s bittersweet, but everyone walked away happy, and we won’t have to wait long for Season 2!

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