Spy x Family Episode 13 main trailer released

anya and yor from the spy x family part 2 trailer
A clip of Anya and Yor from the Spy x Family Part 2 trailer. Pic credit: WIT Studio and Cloverworks

The Spy x Family Episode 13 release date is at 23:00 JST (10 AM EST) on October 1, 2022.

With fans counting the days to the highly anticipated Spy x Family Part 2 release date, a newly released trailer has just given them more to get excited about.

The trailer dropped on both Twitter and the official website, along with the announcement of the new opening theme song entitled “Souvenir” by Bump of Chicken. In the trailer, fans not only got to hear the song, but also received glimpses of what to expect this upcoming season, and things look like they’re getting intense!

Spy x Family Part 1 was well received by viewers, but it was only the first half, and since then, they’ve been itching to see more. A release date for the second part of the series was announced with a key visual back in August 2022.

The second half of the season is confirmed to be 13 episodes long, bringing the total for the series to 25 episodes.

What can fans expect to see in Spy x Family Part 2?

After watching that trailer, it’s hard not to wonder what to expect from Spy x Family in Fall 2022.

The overall tone of the trailer feels more intense like there is significantly more at stake here. We see everyone in the family caught up in a number of stressful situations. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom it seems either.

The trailer introduces several new characters who look like they will play a large part in the story. Bond, the family dog, makes his debut appearance. We also see a shady new man named Keith Kepler, an antagonist some readers will remember from the Doggy Crisis Arc of the manga. After seeing the trailer, it’s safe to assume that this arc will play a major role in the next 13 episodes of the series.

spy x family key visual nightfall close up
Nightfall aka Fiona Frost makes her debut in this key visual for part 2. Pic credit: WIT Studio and Cloverworks

Although not shown in the trailer, another familiar character was seen in the key visual for the series. Agent Nightfall, aka Fiona Frost, is a name that many will recognize and it seems the poster may be hinting at some potential scenes with the character. Could there be a potential love triangle brewing in the second part of Spy x Family as well? Only time will tell.

What is Spy x Family about?

If you haven’t seen Spy x Family yet, there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the first part of the series before the second comes out. For those anime lovers who are still on the fence, this is your sign to watch it.

Spy x Family is an action comedy series that follows the Forgers, a family where every member harbors a great secret, but none more than Loid aka Twilight. On the outside, he looks like your average father and husband, but it’s all a rouse he’s concocted in order to hide his real identity as a secret agent. He needs the perfect family to help him to infiltrate the illustrious Eden Academy and get close to Donovan Desmond, a high-profile politician.

Unknown to him, the family he’s put together includes an assassin for a wife and a telepath for a daughter. In any other setting, this might be a problem, but for Twilight, this family may be exactly what he needs to fulfill his mission.

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