Spy x Family is doing a collab with Universal Studios Japan!

Spy x Family x Universal Studios Japan
Can you complete your mission as a WISE Operative? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS with Universal Studios Japan

Spy x Family is doing a collab with Universal Studios Japan in 2023! Can you complete your mission and aid the Forgers?

Sadly, some details are still unknown, but we have a period and a synopsis for the event. But you better study before going!

Spy x Family
Loid was not ready to be a father. Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Are you prepared to become a spy?

From February 17 to July 2, 2023, you’ll be able to join WISE and help the Forgers. You are a rookie agent responding to an emergency call from your handler.

The objective is to participate in a top-secret mission to ensure world peace. But it’s not that simple.

You must pass the organizational exam! Unfortunately, the Universal Studios Japan website doesn’t tell us what’s on the test.

But if you succeed, the real work is just beginning! This operation involves Agent Twilight, and you must crack the code book to complete your mission.

A special photo greeting will also feature Loid, Yor, and Anya! And the Forgers will appear in front of you in an ending show that’s only available at the park.

Universal Studios Japan is bringing anime to life!

If Spy x Family isn’t your thing, that’s ok because Detective Conan World is happening simultaneously! 2023 marks the third time Detective Conan is working with Universal Studios Japan, and the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant will be held until June 4, 2023.

The Detective Conan collaboration is divided into three unique experiences. And Detective Conan the Escape ~Proluge to of Kurotetsu~ is connected to the upcoming Detective Conan movie!

But perhaps solving mysteries isn’t your thing, either. Maybe you don’t want to be spoiled on the upcoming movie?

Then how does a car chase sound? You must follow Conan’s and Haibara’s instructions in a new car designed by Dr. Agasa!

And after all that, you’re bound to get hungry. So why not check out the Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant?

You can eat gourmet food and solve a mystery with Heiji and Kazuha! There’s a jewel robbery, and you must help reveal the culprit!

Sadly, there’s no word on any of these experiences coming to other Universal Studios. So, if you need another reason to plan a trip to Japan, this is it.

Universal Studios Japan is gaining a reputation for collaborations with some of the hottest anime, video games, and more. What’s coming next and when will have fans guessing a bit longer.

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