Stussy’s origins in the One Piece manga foreshadowed by Oda

One Piece Stussy
Stussy in Whole Cake Island. Pic credit: Toei Animation

In One Piece Chapter 1072, it was revealed that the CP0 agent Stussy is actually a clone of Miss Bakkin made by MADS.

For those who don’t remember, Miss Bakkin, also known as Miss Buckin in the English translation, is the self-proclaimed lover of Whitebeard and the mother of Edward Weevil.

In Chapter 1072, Oda revealed that the full name of Miss Buckin is Miss Buckingham Stussy, and she was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates. Stussy is the first successful clone experiment of the MADS group.

This revelation came as a shock to the whole community because absolutely no one predicted something like this. But there are crumbles of hints that Oda sprinkled all over the story that gives this revelation much more sense in hindsight.

The Foreshadowing

In One Piece Chapter 1068, it was surprising how Stussy knew so much about Egghead island. It was as if she had been on the island before. And in the cover story of Chapter 1070, Oda revealed the five most prominent MADS members. Among them, there was one woman with her back turned that looked very similar to Stussy.

So it is now all but confirmed that that woman was actually Stussy. But was it the clone Stussy or the actual Miss Buckingham Stussy we don’t know yet?

Oda also foreshadowed that Miss Buckingham Stussy is a part of the Rocks Pirate in Chapter 909, where Marco states that Miss Buckin was on the same ship as Whitebeard around 40 years ago. And we know the Rocks Pirates sailed the seas until their defeat 38 years before the current storyline.

And Stussy was one of the few people who called Big Mom by her first name, Linlin. This would make sense since Big Mom was also part of the Rocks Pirates so they’re both acquainted.

Edward Weevil theory

My theory is that Miss Buckingham Stussy was a scientist and a part of the MADS group. She let Vegapunk experiment on her so she could learn about the cloning process.

After Vegapunk successfully cloned her, Miss Buckingham Stussy used this experience and cloned Whitebeard, making Edward Weevil. But since she was not as brilliant as Vegapunk, the experiment was a failure, and this is why Weevil looks like what he looks like.

The reason Miss Buckingham Stussy was able to get her hands on Whitebeard was that she was a part of the Rocks Pirate group, where Whitebeard was also a member.

Post Wano One Piece has been such a ride. Let’s see what Oda has prepared for us in this final saga of One Piece.

You can check out the official One Piece manga on the Viz website.

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