Spy x Family joins Weiss Schwarz game

Spy x Family Weiss Schwarz
Relive your favorite moments from Spy x Family in the Weiss Schwarz game! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO, CLOVERWORKS, and @bushiroad

On January 8, 2023, the Japanese and English official Twitter accounts for Weiss Schwarz announced that Spy x Family is joining the game! Unfortunately, there’s no exact release date, but according to the @wstcg on Twitter.

Spy x Family is part of Bushiroad’s New Year Grand Presentation 2023. In addition, there are listings for a trial deck and booster packs on the official Weiss Schwarz website.

But pre-orders aren’t available now, and the packaging artwork hasn’t been released.

Spy x Family
Season 1 leaves us with many questions, but at least we know when we’ll get some answers! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

So exciting!

Spy x Family was one of the best anime of 2022, and it’s returning in 2023! Will the trial deck focus on Season 1?

Will there be unique art to tease fans for the movie and Spy x Family Season 2? And most importantly, whose character card will be stronger?

Yor’s or Loid’s? How many Anya meme faces will be used? Will we see a rare handsome Franky?

Agent Penguinman and Mr. Chimera must be included for the true Anya fans! Will we get the game on the same day as Season 2, or the movie comes out?

There are so many questions surrounding Spy x Family. And many won’t pass up the chance to pick up merch.

Card games are becoming popular again, and Weiss Schwarz made a smart move with Spy x Family.

What is Weiss Schwarz?

Weiss Schwarz is the true definition of a fan game. Do you love anime, video games, and Disney/Pixar movies?

Then Weiss Schwarz is a game to look into and play with friends. They add different franchises to their roster, and you can use your favorites from any of them in your deck!

Trial Decks are pre-made decks with everything you need. You get 50 cards, a quick manual, a deck manual, and a playmat.

There are three types of cards: Character, Event, and Climax. Decide who goes first with a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors, and draw five cards.

You can discard as many cards as you want, but you must draw the same number to start with five. Now, where most card games have both players wait until each had a turn before being allowed to attack.

Weiss Schwarz allows player one attack first if they draw a Character card. But there are ways to avoid taking damage!

You don’t just use the cards in your hand and in play. But I’ve always found watching videos or playing with someone the best way to learn.

So, make sure you watch the above video for a quick tutorial. And look around to see if your favorite franchise has been added to Weiss Schwarz.

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