The Crow of the Inner Palace release date in Fall 2022 revealed by Kokyu no Karasu anime trailer PV

Promotional imagery for The Crow of the Inner Palace.
Based on Kouko Shirakawa’s light novel, The Crow of the Inner Palace explores the mystery of a ‘ghost’ hidden behind the walls of a palace. Pic credit: @ayukonote and @kokyu_anime/Twitter

Historical fantasy series The Crow of the Inner Palace has an anime adaptation coming this October. This is adding to an already impressive Fall 2022 anime season including new installments of popular shows such as Spy x Family Part 2, My Hero Academia Season 6, and Golden Kamuy Season 4.  

Bandai Namco Pictures — known for their previous work on Gintama and the Aikatsu! Idol series — will be animating the series. Given the studio’s recent dabblings in 3D animation, some may wonder if that may influence the art style of Kokyu no Karasu. Going off of the recent PV, however, it appears that the series will have a traditional 2D animation style.

It’s worth noting that the Kokyu no Karasu light novel has no official English translation. The names of characters used in this article reflect one possible translation and are subject to change. It is unknown whether the anime will have an English sub or dub in the future. Stay tuned for further announcements. 

What will be the voice cast for The Crow of the Inner Palace?

Starring as the Crow Consort Jusetsu Ryuu will be newcomer Saku Mizuno. Previously voicing Rena Hananoi in the idol series Selection Project, this will be Mizuno’s second role with a third on the way as Ryou Yamada in the upcoming anime Bocchi the Rock!

Taku Yashiro will voice the attendant Ei Sei. Known for his work as Domestic Girlfriend’s Natsuo Fujii and Fire Force’s Vulcan Joseph, Yashiro has an expressive range, and it will be interesting to hear his take on the calm-voiced eunuch Ei Sei.

The emperor Kousun Ka will be voiced by Masaaki Mizunaka. Fans will likely recognize his deep voice from characters such as Tokyo Revengers’ Baji and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord’s Diablo — making him a perfect fit for the stern ruler. 

Last but not least, Marika Kouno will voice the lady-in-waiting JiuJiu. Excelling at bringing cute and soft-spoken characters to life, Kouno is known for such as Yumina in In Another World With My Smartphone as well as Mimi in the recent reboot of Digimon Adventures.

What is the plot of The Crow of the Inner Palace?

Fans of fairy tales and Chinese folklore have a lot to get excited about when it comes to Kokyu no Karasu. Written by Kouko Shirakawa and illustrated by Ayuko, this light novel turned anime takes elements of mystery and ghost tales, presenting them in front of a historical backdrop.

A consort is resigned to a solitary life in the inner depths of a palace. Few have seen her in person — some believing her to be an old woman and others picturing her as a beautiful young woman. The most horrifying rumors, however, are of her as an immortal being and a ghost that forever haunts the hidden chamber.

Under the moonlight, a group of men approaches the palace — a political official and eunuch Ei Sei and the emperor of Shou, Kousun Ka. They discover a young girl roaming the inner walls, and understand her to be the Crow Consort. Presenting her with a jade earring, the emperor makes a request: he wishes to know the owner. She refuses, and he insists — causing the mysterious being to kick them from the palace.

That does not deter Kousun Ka, however. He returns the next day bearing gifts. If he can’t learn the owner of the earring, he wishes to know the next best thing: the identity of the ghost tied to the piece of jade.

All seven volumes of the Kokyu no Karasu novel are available via Orange Bunko — the latest volume having been released today. The light novels are currently available in Japanese in both eBook and paperback formats. It is unknown whether there may be an official translation in the future, but an anime release may help to convince publishers that The Crow of the Inner Palace is one that fans in all regions wish to enjoy.  

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