Tsukimi Lune VTuber auditions are open now to find the next YouTuber star

Auditions open for Anime Corner mascot Tsukimi Lune.
Hopeful voice actresses with dreams of becoming a VTuber star have a new audition to place on their radar. Pic credit: @kaxukin/Twitter

News outlet Anime Corner and talent agency Project Solaria are holding auditions to find a voice actress for their mascot Tsukimi Lune. Have dreams of becoming a VTuber but don’t have a model? The outlet is offering a model for free in exchange for three days worth of weekly content.

Prior experience is not required, but those with a decent microphone and strong knowledge of Anime will have better chances. It is a requirement, however, that performers be over the age of 18 and speak fluent English. 

Actresses will be asked to provide an email address, phone number, and a form of identification. A photograph may also be required for identification purposes. In most cases, the identity of VTube talent is kept private, but it’s best to contact Project Solaria directly about any questions or concerns.

Judging by the application questions, Apex Legends players may also have a leg up in the competition. One of the application questions inquires about the prospective actress’ rank. Other questions pertain to one’s personal disposition. Could the next Tsukimi Lune be tsundere or even kuudere perhaps? Anything is possible until a candidate has been selected!

While the Tsukimi Lune auditions are restricted to female voice actors, hopeful VTubers of other genders should check out other talent agencies such as Hololive who started their search for male VTubers back in March. Unlike the Tsukimi Lune audition, Hololive allows anyone to try out— providing they’re comfortable voicing a male character.

Who is Tsukimi Lune?

Tsukimi Lune is the official mascot of Anime Corner — a source of anime and Japanese news for global fans. Branching out into the VTubing market, Anime Corner started Project Lune in 2020. With help from artists @hakakamiiii, @kaxukin, and @Wuhezhizhong2, Tsukimi Lune came to life, and in January 2021, the first round of auditions began!

Her April 2021 debut was met with open arms. And with a sugary voice and pastel pink hair tied up with a sakura bow is no surprise as to why. A sweet shrine maiden with a love for gacha games, she entertained fans with let’s plays, vocal performances, and collaborations with other VTubers such as Utano Pandora and Kamiya Juu.

After a year-long career Tsukimi Lune graduated — leaving the Anime Corner mascot spot open. Little is known about the appearance or personality of Tsukimi Lune’s successor. The audition page refers to her as Tsukimi Lune 2.0 suggesting that she will be a new original character.

Companies adopting VTuber mascots is a trend that looks like it will continue into the future. Massive companies such as anime streaming platform Crunchyroll — who recently merged with Funimation — have their own mascot as well, Hime-chan.

What other opportunities are available for upcoming VTubers?

With the rise in VTuber popularity, there are plenty of opportunities available for those wanting to get into the hobby — or even make it a full-time career. Like any acting-talent position, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to gaining a platform and following, but the barrier to entry lowers by the day.

Many hopeful VTubers fret over obtaining a model — a key component to begin one’s VTubing career. Luckily, many talent agencies are willing to provide performers with models for free providing they manage a regular streaming/posting schedule.

Hololive has their application open now — allowing anyone to try out so long as one is comfortable producing a minimum of three days of content a week for a year. They’re not the only ones either. Head over to the Virtual Youtubers subreddit to find more talent agencies looking for voice actors.

Signing a contract may seem daunting for some. And it isn’t the most feasible starting point for hobbyists. Luckily, anyone can take up streaming with the only barrier of entry being the model itself. With free tools available like Vroid, however, the hardest part is made easy — particularly for those who don’t have the means to create or commission a VTuber model.

It may be daunting to start streaming without viewers or an agency to provide promotion and other resources, but it’s a way to get started with less pressure and commitment — assuming one can work up the courage to press the record button.

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