Tsukimichi English dub release date on Crunchyroll confirmed for April 2022

Tomoe blushing, a screenshot from the Tsukimichi English dub.
Fans wanting a new isekai series need look no further than the Tsukimichi English dub — available now on Crunchyroll. Pic credit: Studio C2C

The Tsukimichi English dub will soon become available for fans who prefer anime without subtitles or with their favorite English actors. According to Crunchyroll, the dubbed episodes will be streaming weekly on their platform starting at 3:15 PM PST/6:15 PM EST on April 28, 2022.

Also, if you missed the news announcement, the Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- Season 2 anime sequel has been confirmed to be greenlit for production.

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- is an isekai series that follows Makoto Misumi, a Japanese student who is sent to a fantasy world. Despite his travel being due to a contract made by his family, Makoto is quickly abandoned by the world’s Goddess because his appearance is deemed ‘unappealing’.

With plenty of comedic moments and hijinks, this anime is one for fantasy fans to check out. And now that it’s available on Crunchyroll with an English sub, more viewers can easily check it out.

Who is the Tsukimichi English dub voice cast?

The show’s isekai protagonist, Makoto, who is abandoned by the world’s Goddess for his plain looks will be voiced by Dallas Reid. Best known as the English voice actor of Black Clover’s Asta and Angels of Death’s Zack Foster, Reid is no stranger to voicing memorable protagonists.  

Monica Rial will voice Tomoe, a greater dragon in human form who assists Makoto on his journey. No stranger to isekai, Rial is known for her portrayal as Youjo Senki’s Tanya.

Voicing the kindhearted orc princess Emma is Tia Ballard. Fans likely know Ballard for her work on Darling in the FranXX as Zero Two or for portraying Fairy Tail’s cute sidekick Happy.

The stoic moon deity Tsukuyomi will be voiced by Reagan Murdock. A relative newcomer to anime dubbing, Murdock has voiced video game characters in the MOBA Smite and FPS Paladins. 

Makoto’s former friend Nukumi Hasegawa has Skyler McIntosh as her voice actress. Previously voicing Arifureta’s Kaori and Izetta: The Last Witch’s titular character, McIntosh is experienced with the isekai genre.

And finally, the world’s Goddess will be voiced by Jennifer AuBuchon. Another newcomer to the dubbing sphere, fans may recall her voice from the twins Ureirika and Kuuderika in Overlord

Crunchyroll’s Tsukimichi OP trailer video.

Where can I learn more about the Tsukimichi story?

With a Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy English dub now available, many new fans may be introduced to the series. But for those wanting to dive in deep and get more of the lore, it may be daunting to figure out where to start. There is a manga, light novel, and web novel along with the anime adaptation. And each version has some slight differences, but generally nothing that greatly changes the material.

Originally, Tsukimichi started as a web novel Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu created by Azumi Kei. Only available officially in Japanese, the web series has been adapted into a light novel that can be found on Alphapolis. Many chapters can be read for free — the entirety of the series costing Alphapolis’ premium currency. 

In 2015, Alphapolis adapted the series into a manga — Kino Kotora illustrating the project. Similar to the light novel, the manga can be found both on Alphapolis’ website and their Alpha Manga app in Japanese. Unfortunately, there is no official English manga release. With so many fans coming from the new anime adaptation, perhaps a translated version of the manga will be available in the future.

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