Which Gogeta did it better: Dragon Bal Z, GT, or Super: Broly?

Dragon Ball GT
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is the KING of Dragon Ball GT! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Which Gogeta did it better? And by that, I mean, which got the job done, and which handled their fight better?

This is not a “which version is stronger?” I am a fan of all three and picking apart some of the best fights in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Regardless of when you see him in action. Gogeta is one of the best characters, and I’m always excited to see more of him!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Gogeta vs. Broly was an amazing fight! Pic credit: Toei Animation

Gogeta vs. Janemba

I’m sad to say I’ve never watched this movie. The closest I found was some clips on YouTube. Gogeta vs. Janemba is short and sweet.

Unless you add the Fat Gogeta/Veku part, it shows a lot of promise for the character. However, Gogeta didn’t waste time unveiling a new move that could wipe out most of his enemies.

The Stardust Breaker/Soul Punisher is similar to the Spirit Bomb. It eradicates evil upon contact.

This worked out well against Janemba, and Gogeta never lost control of the situation. Sadly, we don’t see much of him during the film.

Gogeta vs. Omega Shenron

Like in his fight against Janemba, the King of Dragon Ball GT’s fight doesn’t last long. And if you only watch it once, you’re most likely to believe that Gogeta has become a clown.

He spends most of the time taunting Omega and even comes up with a new attack. One where he makes four copies of himself and acts like he’s firing a Kamehameha Wave.

Only to shower Omega in noise poppers and confetti. It’s a far cry from what we saw in the movie, and this was supposed to be the same character.

Gogeta says in the Japanese version that he only needs one finger to beat Omega. Yet the plot decides to get in the way and has Omega survive one of Gogeta’s finishing moves.

And when he tries again, the fusion comes undone. And Omega is smart enough not to let Goku and Vegeta fuse again.

But some fans claim that Gogeta isn’t fooling around and wasting time. Instead, Gogeta is provoking Omega to make him release all of his negative energy so that Gogeta can purify it.

It doesn’t change the fact that Gogeta failed to stop Omega. And there was a moment when even Vegeta thought the fight was over and told Trunks, Gohan, and Goten to get everyone on Bulma’s spaceship and run.

Of course, Goku does save the day with a Spirit Bomb, but he wouldn’t have had to resort to it if Gogeta had done things differently.

Gogeta vs. Broly

As much as I like Gogeta vs. Omega, there’s something special about Gogeta vs. Broly. He barely did any joking, and his fusion didn’t fall apart.

Gogeta was all business and barely paid Frieza any attention. Instead, he stayed focused on Broly and delivered plenty of body shots.

We even see the return of the Stardust Breaker! But it did not affect Broly, and Gogeta should have known better.

Goku said he could tell that Broly wasn’t bad, and he’s rarely wrong when judging people. And unlike the fights against Janemba and Omega.

Broly isn’t trying to kill everyone. Instead, he’s lost control of himself and is fighting on instinct. Which only makes Gogeta’s final move that much more impactful.

But my favorite part is when the wish saves Broly. Gogeta looks confused, some claim disappointed, but he’s smiling at the end.

He’s happy he doesn’t have to kill Broly and has enough energy to stop Frieza from killing Cheelai and Lemo. But, more importantly, Frieza took one look at him and powered down.

Freiza knew he couldn’t beat Gogeta and had enough sense not even to try. After all, he had to locate Broly, and it’s not like Freiza couldn’t find Goku and Vegeta again.

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