Who are Anya 007 and Bond 008 really from Spy x Family?

Anya Forger crying
Screencap of Anya Forger from Spy X Family crying. Pic credit: Cloverworks

Anya has stolen the show since her introduction, and Bond is a perfect sidekick for her. But what do we know about them?

Both were used in Project Apple, and their numbers are next to each other. Anya’s was 007 and Bond’s was 008.

But Bond was deemed a failure and barely avoided being killed twice. Anya was never called a failure, but how did she escape Project Apple?

Bond Forger
Who is Bond Forger? Anime-only fans will learn the answer in SPY x FAMILY Part 2. Pic credit: WIT Studio x Cloverworks

More than comic relief

We don’t know how Anya can read minds, but she has three weaknesses. First, Anya loses her power on the day and night of a new moon.

This can be made into an exciting plot point later, as it forces Anya to get creative and try harder. Plus, if Project Apple tries to capture her, that would be the best time for them to sneak up on her.

Second, Anya can be overwhelmed if she tries to read multiple minds or encounters too many thoughts. As a result, she gets dizzy, passes out, and gets a nosebleed.

Fortunately, she has enough control to avoid this problem, and moving away from the crowd helps her recover. The third should be one she can overcome given enough time.

Anya can’t understand complicated thoughts. We get the best examples with Loid. When Loid focuses on one thing, like the answers to the word search in the newspaper.

Anya can scan his mind and fill it out. But when he’s focused on his plans or all the steps to completing one of her homework problems.

Her brain fries and she has to take a break, given that we don’t know her age. Nevertheless, it’s impressive that she can keep up with her studies at Eden Academy.

The best of good boys

Bond may be a double-edged sword. However, he can see the future and understands humans.

But his visions aren’t set in stone, and he’s used them to help people since his introduction. Bond can be frightened, and he cares about the Forger family.

Especially Anya since she can understand him, but does he have any weaknesses? Does he know that Anya was part of Project Apple?

Bond received training as a bomb dog and has helped Anya save Loid’s life. He also tries to help Loid more in the manga.

Franky even attempts to use Bond to help him with a woman who has a beautiful female dog. Of course, it didn’t work, but Bond is a well-meaning dog, and his love for Anya is one of the best parts of the series!

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