Who is Agent Twilight really in Spy x Family?

Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot featuring Loid modeling his lab coat. Pic credit: @spy-family.net

2023 is almost here! But while we wait for Spy x Family Season 2 and the movie, let’s look at what we know about Spy x Family.

This article will focus on the anime, but there will be light spoilers for the manga. And since he’s the first character we meet, let’s start with Loid!

Spy X Family Episode 19 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 19 screenshot featuring an investigative Loid. Pic credit: @spy-family.net

Who is the man behind the spy?

Agent Twilight is the greatest spy in Spy x Family. He’s mastered the art of disguises and self-defense and has far too many skills to list!

We know his motivation is to prevent children from crying due to war. And the anime has dropped several hints to confirm why he feels this way.

But his current mission is a contradiction. Because the moment the mission ends, Agent Twilight will have to leave the Forger family and make them cry.

We’ve seen Loid struggle with this several times. But the most noticeable to me was during the Eden interview.

Mr. Swan made Anya cry as his heartless question made her remember her birth mother. Loid had been struggling up to that point due to Mr. Swan insulting Yor for being a lousy cook.

But when he sees her crying. That’s when Loid Forger started to replace Agent Twilight. He barely controlled himself in time, but he also stood by his family.

Loid didn’t choose Yor and Anya over world peace. But he wouldn’t let Mr. Swan have the final say in how his family would act.

Now, we know that it was only a matter of time before Anya got accepted into Eden. But let’s look at some of the other things Loid’s done during Season 1.

Where do we draw the line to protect our country?

Loid is almost always doing something for the sake of his missions. He works at a hospital, sneaks into Eden constantly, knows how to cook, and plays tennis.

All of these skills would have taken him years to hone and perfect. There are secret passages in ideal locations for him to use and for Anya to find.

And even though he relies on Franky to help him with intelligence and as a babysitter, Loid does many things by himself. Like in Episode 12, he could have been the best caretaker for penguins!

But Loid is still human and can make mistakes when he’s overworked. He forgot to check for tracking devices in Episode 2, claimed to be Yor’s husband, and made the neighbors wonder if he was having an affair several times.

Sometimes mistakes can be good, but spies must never draw attention to themselves. And Loid often finds himself in situations where everyone is watching him.

Especially when Fiona is showing off for him, is WISE genuinely trying to achieve world peace? They knew about Project Apple, but Loid didn’t know about human testing.

Anya’s safety is almost guaranteed once the mission is over, but what if someone figures out she was in Project Apple? Will Loid choose his family over his duty?

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