Team RWBY Project 2022 announcement planned for AnimeJapan

The Team RWBY Project was announced by the RWBY official account on January 31, 2022. The official account retweeted the following announcement from Team RWBY Project: “Team RWBY Project Unveiled!!” says the translated tweet. “In 2013, the American company Rooster Teeth Productions created the show RWBY, a web-anime series. To carry on its legacy, a … Read more

Uma Musume x FamilyMart collab announced as part of anniversary campaign

FamilyMart recently announced their collaboration event with Uma Musume as part of Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary event. The event includes exclusive collaboration goods, a Twitter campaign, exclusive collaboration food items, and more! Some of the featured items are character-inspired food items like Special Week’s Bakudan Musubi as well as Tamamo Cross’s Cheese Takoyaki, exclusive cafe … Read more

Detective Conan, Sailor Moon’s collaboration cafe 2022 at Universal Studios Japan is beyond cute

Universal Studios Japan food anime

As part of Universal’s Studio Japan’s Universal Cool Japan 2022 project, Detective Conan, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, and Monster Hunter announced their collaboration with the park to create both food and merch. In this article, we’ll tackle the collaboration goods of Detective Conan and Sailor Moon, and also cover the general … Read more