Berserk Chapter 371 online to read, English fan translation of manga leak reveals Guts doing a Dragon Ball Yamcha

Guts is in a deep state of despair in a scene from Berserk Chapter 371.

The long-awaited Berserk Chapter 371 will finally appear in Young Animal Issue 24 on December 9, 2022. We reported on this chapter on October 12, 2022, and even made some predictions. But this chapter was leaked by ReadSeinen and fan-translated into English more than 24 hours before the official release on December 7, 2022.  We recommend that fans … Read more

Cipher Academy manga launched by Monogatari author Nisio Isin in Weekly Shonen Jump

Two girls solve codes

After a four year hiatus from Shonen Jump, Nisio Isin’s making his flashy return with another manga series titled Cipher Academy! Nisio Isin (commonly stylized Nisioisin) recently began serialization in Shonen Jump with his new series Cipher Academy. Best known in the west for his work on Monogatari and Katanagatari, Nisio Isin is one of … Read more

One Piece Chapter 1068 sets up Luffy vs Lucci 2.0

One Piece

One Piece manga Chapter 1068, titled “A Genius’ Dream”, is unofficially out. For those who want to wait for the official translation, the chapter will drop on Sunday as usual. Chapter 1068 continues the “Germa 66’s Ahh…An Emotionless Excursion” cover story. It shows Ceaser and Judge fighting, thinking about their time together at MADS. The … Read more

Takopi’s Original Sin creator Taizan 5 gets The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins manga serialized in Shonen Jump

The Ichinose Family's Deadly Sins characters

In this week’s Shonen Jump, the first chapter of Taizan 5’s new series was published, titled The Ichinose Family’s Deadly Sins. Described by its author as a “home drama for the next generation,” the series follows Tsubasa Ichinose and his family trying to piece together their past lives after a car accident that led to … Read more

Another manga is the perfect companion to the anime and novels! [Review]


Another is one of my favorite horror franchises, and I couldn’t resist reading the manga. I tried to find the live-action movie, but there’s no official English sub-version. So, I did the next best thing and looked up reviews. Unfortunately, they’re not promising, which is disappointing, considering Another would be perfect for a live-action adaptation. … Read more

Tokyo Revengers manga ending in November 2022: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 278 finishes the final story arc

Toman Manga Ending

The Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending is releasing soon on November 16, 2022. On October 14, 2022, multiple manga news leakers all claimed that the Tokyo Revengers manga’s ending was coming out in 5 chapters. Since no breaks or hiatus are reportedly planned, that means Tokyo Revengers 278 will be the final chapter in Weekly Shonen … Read more