The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious anime release date in Summer 2022 – TV trailer PV, cast, and crew revealed

Visuals from The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious

Comedy manga The maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious or Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii is set to get a TV anime adaptation in July 2022. The anime will premier on 24 affiliated stations of the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)/TV Asahi network. A trailer PV for the anime has also been released along with a … Read more

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga ending: Final Chapter 126 release date announced

My hero academia: vigilantes released visuals

As a spin-off series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes helped draw fans beyond UA Academy’s bounds. It focuses on a multitude of vigilantes that didn’t follow the law with protagonists such as Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster. Apparently, the heroes’ adventure is nearing a conclusion, since MHA: Vigilantes has stated when the last chapter will be released. The … Read more

The 46th Kodansha Manga Awards 2022 winners: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Police In A Pod, and more

Kodansha manga nominations.

The famous mangas, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and Police In A Pod received the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards in 2022. On May 11, 2022, this was revealed by the publishing powerhouse. Also, A Couple of Cuckoos and Sousou no Frieren were among the fourteen mangas selected (sometimes referred to as finalists) … Read more

CLAMP draws OC Akagumo art from live-action xxxHolic movie in manga-style

xxxHOLiC's Akagumo

CLAMP, the manga creator team behind xxxHOLiC, recently drew an illustration of the live-action film’s original character Akagumo. A fan on Twitter requested that CLAMP draw their original character and they unveiled their illustration on April 29, 2022 – the film’s opening in Japan. Akagumo is subordinate to the villainess Jorogumo, who controls malevolent spirits. … Read more