Arifureta Season 2 OVA trailer 2 confirms release date in September 2022 with Volume 13

A second trailer for the upcoming Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest OVA has been released, confirming the OVA’s premiere date of September 25, 2022.    The Arifureta 40-minute OVA is part of a special bundle and will come on Blu-ray Disc coupled with a limited edition of light novel Volume 13. The bundle will … Read more

Lonely Castle in the Mirror trailer, key visual reveal anime’s December 2022 premiere, additional staff

Lonely Castle in the Mirror

A teaser trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura’s novel Lonely Castle in the Mirror (かがみの孤城, Kagami no Kojō) has been released. The Lonely Castle in the Mirror release date is confirmed for December 23, 2022. It has also been clarified that actress Ami Tōma will be voicing the novel’s protagonist Kokoro. Alongside … Read more

J-Novel Club raising English light novel eBook prices in August to reflect higher freelancer rates

Publisher J-Novel Club raises prices to reflect new freelancer rates.

J-Novel Club — the online light novel and manga platform — is increasing eBook prices this August. Come next month, the standard $6.99 USD light novel price will increase to $7.99 USD. While this change may have hopeful readers lamenting, it’s great news for the future of the industry. It’s undeniable that more East Asian … Read more