Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 references Power and Nayuta! [Review]

Chainsaw Man
Denji and Asa have started to bond, but is Asa’s plan going to work? Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Even though the Eternity Devil still hasn’t shown up, we see Denji and Asa bond! References are dropped, the plot begins progressing, and Asa takes charge!

But will Asa’s plan work? Famine gave Asa very specific instructions. She has to turn Denji into a weapon.

But is Asa trying to find a loophole?

Chainsaw man manga chapter 98 cover. Pic credit: Viz media

Can Asa help everyone escape without turning Denji into a weapon?

I loved this chapter! We see Denji open up to Asa, and she regains some of her confidence. Unfortunately, most starfish aren’t edible, and you need to boil the ones that are before you can eat them.

And at some point, Denji stole the lighter from the “male Kobeni.” Who I shall always refer to as “Tank Licker” until he does something to prove himself.

Denji has gone above and beyond behind the scenes. He’s found items that can be re-used to help their survival, dried fish to eat later, noted where the money is so he can grab it, and collected hats to sell!

And Asa asks him why he’s so focused on money. Denji reveals he isn’t saving up for himself. Instead, he’s saving up to send Nyatoya to college and wants her to have a good life.

Our boy has grown up, and he’s thinking ahead! Hearing about his friend/little sister, Asa finally puts a plan into action.

She and Denji steal a lot of money! Denji loves this idea and notes that Asa reminds him of a friend.

He doesn’t say who, but if you read the dialogue, it screams Power when she’s hyping herself up. Denji hasn’t forgotten her, and he’ll still do anything when a girl offers to grant him one request.

How do War’s powers work?

As expected of a Horseman, Yoru’s powers are similar to Makima’s. She can turn what belongs to her into weapons.

But Yoru’s version isn’t as OP as Makima’s. So if you love/like her, you belong to her. But does that work the same if you hate her?

Cutting off limbs, buying, and forming a romantic relationship are ways she can own something/someone. But does Denji belong to Asa or Yoru?

He says her words are boring, but her reactions are fun, and she reminds him of Power. So he’s starting to like Asa.

And if she had to turn him into a weapon, Denji would make a powerful one since she’d feel guilty after learning about his motivations. But can Asa turn Denji into a weapon since he’s Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaws can be classified as weapons, and Denji won’t roll over even if he likes her. So what will she do next if Asa can’t make a spear out of the aquarium?

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