Chainsaw Man Makima PV trailer teases her powers, control over Denji

Chainsaw Man
Makima has been in control since episode 1, but what is she after? Pic credit: MAPPA

Makima is the star of MAPPA’s newest PV trailer, which focuses on some of her highlights, which isn’t surprising but disappointing. So what is Makima’s goal?

We saw her in most episodes, but what can we know about her? She seems to prioritize society and justice, but who’s justice?

And how does Denji fit into her plans?

Chainsaw Man
This was one of the greatest moments for anime-only fans. Pic credit: MAPPA

Can you trust Makima?

Although she’s usually calm and soft-spoken, Makima has been toying with Denji since she met him. She hugs an exhausted Chainsaw Man when he asks her to and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t become her pet.

And no one has suggested that Denji be given any form of schooling outside of training. There are obvious answers to why this happened, and Denji hasn’t asked to be sent to school.

We’ve never seen Makima yell or insult someone, but that might be more to her personality than her feelings towards an individual. We don’t know how she got all of those eyes without the yakuza members hearing about it.

And we haven’t seen anyone who can return them to their owners. But, Makima had no reason to lie, and keeping secrets is second-nature to her.

What happens next?

The finale is the last chance for a convenient way to announce a Chainsaw Season 2, a Chainsaw Man movie, or at least a continuation update. There’s more than enough source material to adapt and room for filler or a movie.

But how far is Makima allowed to go? She’s killed people without touching them and has no problem manipulating others.

Yet she’s not in the highest level of government. So someone is in a position to tell her no, but will we see them?

And there are her interactions with Kishibe. The strongest Devil Hunter doesn’t trust her! But he’s still following her orders.

Does Makima have a way to keep everyone in line, or is she only targeting specific people? Power fears her, but everyone else loves her except for Himeno.

Suppose Makima knew about the Katana Man and the Snake Devil user. Did she target the humans helping them so Himeno would be forced to choose between herself and saving everyone?

Is there any limit to what Makima can do? And if not, why hasn’t she taken a more active role in the anime?

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