Spy x Family cosplayers dressed as Anya and Loid Forger rob a bank! Is the video police training in Taiwan?

Spy x Family
Loid was not ready to be a father. Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

On December 31, 2022, a training video for a Taiwan Police Department went viral! Two unnamed individuals cosplaying as Anya and Loid from Spy x Family attempted to rob a bank and were quickly captured.

Everything went smoothly; you can find the video on Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. But what I want to know is: where’s Yor?

A scene from Spy x Family showing Anya shocked at Loid.
Spring 2022 anime Spy x Family has garnered a massive amount of popularity. But is it all passing praise? Pic credit: Wit Studio and Cloverworks

Crime doesn’t pay

Like many, I was confused about what I was looking at when I first saw the video. Is this a prank?

Or is someone that dumb to rob a bank wearing cosplay? As to why Spy x Family characters were chosen, why not?

But here’s how we know it’s a training video. First, there’s that camera. It doesn’t look like a security camera and follows the cosplayers coming in and out of the bank.

This is most likely someone using a cell phone, and you can see another camera near the end of the video. The cosplayers carried a large pillowcase to put the money in, and Anya had a Disney Princess backpack on!

Neither cosplayers wear masks, and their guns appear to be toys or nail/staple guns. And you can see there’s no damage being done when the guns go off.

Plus, Anya never attempts to run, even when she sees Loid driving off on their motorbike. And considering she’s the one with the money, that’s a bad move on Loid’s part.

And the camera follows Anya for most of the video. She gets captured first when she heads back into the bank.

Loid gets captured by a different pair of officers.

Was that exciting enough for Anya?

The cosplays themselves are very nice. However, it looks like Anya’s might have been store-bought and impractical.

There’s nothing wrong with buying cosplay. And I can see Anya wanting a Disney Princess backpack, especially if she couldn’t find a Bondman one.

But if this were real, she wouldn’t have been able to blend with a crowd after Loid drove off. Even if she was wearing a wig, her dress is easily recognizable.

Loid stood a better chance, but only if no one looked at him closely. Not many people wear suits, and riding a motorbike was also flashy.

And this is the part where I say: Please don’t do crime. But, again, this was meant to be educational and a safe way to deal with these situations.

Stay safe, and don’t panic if you see a cosplayer going into a bank.

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