Who are the Briar Siblings from Spy x Family?

Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot, featuring Yor envisioning training Anya like an assassin. Pic credit: @spy-family.net

Although we don’t get many moments with Yuri, we know much about his relationship with Yor. Their parents died when Yuri was still young, and Yor did her best to raise him.

But when did Yor become an assassin? How did their parents die, and will Yor be forced to choose between Loid and Anya or Yuri?

This article will focus on Spy x Family Season 1, but there will be spoilers for the manga.

Spy X Family Episode 18 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 18 screenshot featuring an enthusiastic Yuri. Pic credit: @spy-family.net

Who is Yor Forger?

Yor deserves to be the best girl and mother of the year. However, her motivation for asking Loid to marry her may have been based on her need to avoid being reported.

But her dedication to Loid and Anya has always been pure. Yor calling herself Anya’s mother and looking like she’s about to kill Mr. Swan for making Anya cry are two of my favorite scenes.

Although her cooking skills leave much to be desired, Yor is constantly trying to be a better wife and mother. She’s performed several impressive feats of strength, like stopping a cow to scare the rest of the stampeding animals before the Eden interview.

And many fans believe she can beat Loid in a serious fight. However, she’s practically a ninja, and we’ve only seen some of her skills.

What happened to that box of poison from Episode 2, and why hasn’t Loid found it yet? How has she avoided detection by the SSS and WISE when she doesn’t wear a mask as she’s killing her targets?

If she gets reported to the SSS, will Garden, the assassin group she works for, help her? And why wasn’t Yuri recruited into Garden?

Who is Yuri Briar?

Yuri is deeply attached to Yor and shares many traits with her. However, both are unbeatable when it comes to their jobs and priorities.

But Yuri doesn’t know that Yor works for Garden and hasn’t discovered that Loid is a spy and illegally adopted Anya. Of course, it’s possible that Yuri isn’t allowed to investigate Loid because they are family, but why wouldn’t he use his connections to learn more about Loid?

He also shares Yor’s weakness with alcohol and states he would never cause Yor pain, which we see him attempting to prove when he learns that Anya and her classmates were kidnapped in recent chapters of the manga. He might not hate Anya, but his primary motivation is to keep Yor happy.

Yuri is highly skilled when it comes to interrogation and is popular with women. But there’s no sign of him being interested in finding a partner.

Suppose Yuri discovers the truth about Loid and Anya. Will his love for Yor keep him silent? And how will he react if he realizes that Yor is an assassin?

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