The flaws in Makima’s plan! [Chainsaaw Man manga spoilers]

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 ED video screenshot
Chainsaw Man Episode 9 ED video screenshot featuring Makima using her mysterious power to sacrifice one life to take the life of another. Pic credit: MAPPA

Makima’s end goal might sound good, but it’s unclear if it would work. She says she wants to make the world a better place for humans.

But how she intended to go about it was a mess. This article is focused on part 1 of the manga, so if you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

Chainsaw Man key visual
Key visual for Makima from the upcoming anime Chainsaw Man. Pic credit:

Can Chainsaw Man eat the Death Devil?

If Makima had played her cards right, she might have avoided death by Denji. He was a loyal dog and would have done anything for her.

But that wasn’t enough for her. Just like being a member of the Four Horsemen doesn’t appear to be enough for her.

Thanks to part 2, we know Chainsaw Man can weaken and perhaps kill a Horseman. He did it to War/Yoru, and Denji ate Makima while in his human form.

But what about Death? Death is the ultimate equalizer and also counts as a Primal Fear. So wouldn’t that make Death the most powerful Devil in Chainsaw Man?

We’ve only been introduced to one Primal Devil in the manga, Darkness, and he owned everyone in that fight. Makima wounded him, but not without getting hit, and she decided to run away with everyone instead of fighting.

Denji was no match for the Darkness Devil and had to get crafty to beat Makima. So how did she expect Chainsaw Man to eat Death?

Getting rid of War and Famine makes sense, but we’ll ruin the Earth if no one dies. People need places to live, and without Famine, we shouldn’t have to worry about starving, right?

Nope, because if Death is gone, animals aren’t dying either. And starvation is a common fear, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Starvation Devil.

What is a Primal Fear?

Primal Fears are something that most don’t need to think about. We fear the Darkness because we fear the unknown.

We fear pain, weapons, natural disasters, and more because it bleeds back into Death and dying. Imagine you wake up in an unknown location, and you’re tied to a chair.

A person approaches and holds out a gun and a knife. They want you to pick how you will die; what do you do?

Most would choose the gun and hope the person shoots them in the head so they can die quickly. But there are areas of the human body where a shallow cut can cause you to bleed to death in seconds.

You can try being clever or scream your head off and hope someone saves you. But, unfortunately, humans fear many things, and most involve or end in Death.

And unlike Darkness, Death isn’t something we can outgrow. It’s always there in the back of our minds.

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