What kind of protagonist is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Angry Denji in the Chainsaw Man second trailer
Angry Denji in the Chainsaw Man second trailer. Pic credit: MAPPA studios

Denji’s life has been far from perfect, which constantly shows in Chainsaw Man. Some fans like his unorthodox approach.

He wants a better life and has simple desires that anyone can relate to. As a result, some have claimed that Denji is the perfect protagonist for 2022.

I enjoyed watching Chainsaw Man and look forward to seeing its return to my screen. This article focuses on Season 1 of Chainsaw Man.

And Denji’s character growth.

Chainsaw Man
Introducing Smart Denji! Pic credit: MAPPA

Born at the bottom

We don’t know much about Denji’s childhood. His mother died of a heart condition that Denji inherited.

And his father appears to have committed suicide, which leaves Denji at the dubious mercy of a local Yakuza group that his father owed money. Fortunately, Denji meets Pochita, and the two can find a way to survive.

Denji will do anything for money. He sells some of his body parts, does odd jobs, kills Devils, and swallows cigarettes.

It’s unknown if he ever went to school, but he knows how to read and is good with his money. He struggles to read kanji, but he’s quick to adapt.

Denji lived in a shed with Pochita and had simple desires. He wants to eat bread with jam, eat food that wasn’t thrown away, have a girlfriend, or at least make out with a girl.

Despite the dangers, Denji was making progress towards paying the Yakuza back. But, sadly, we know how that ended.

Out of the frying pan?

What changed for Denji when he became Makima’s pet? He now lives in a lovely apartment with Aki and Power.

He can eat good food, take baths, and arguably work in better conditions. But, thanks to Pochita fusing with him, Denji is immortal and is used to risking his life against Devils.

There are also a lot of beautiful women in his life, and some have expressed interest in being intimate with Denji. It’s a shame his first kiss turned into a meme, but he made friends, and then some of them died!

Denji’s emotional state has been in flux since Episode 1. He and Pochita were killed, and Makima gave him the ultimatum to be her pet or die, learning about the Gun Devil, fighting Devils, and being teased by Makima.

His life went from barely living in horrible conditions to better conditions, but still risking his life. Unfortunately, he’s even been killed countless times by Kishibe!

Himeno might have been the first human who wanted to be Denji’s friend. But he couldn’t cry after her death.

But hearing Aki cry made Denji start to look at himself. He can relax and enjoy the company of others, but why can’t he cry for them?

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