Chainsaw Man celebrates the New Year with Pochita eating mochi with some rabbits!

Chainsaw Man
Is that mochi on his toast? Pic credit: Kazutaka Sugiyama

On January 4, 2023, the @CHAINSAWMAN_PR Twitter account uploaded Pochita celebrating the New Year with three rabbits and eating some toast! Several anime has been posting Year of the Rabbit art, and we’ve been waiting to see what Chainsaw Man would do.

The illustration is by character designer Kazutake Sugiyama. And the tweet states we’ll see more of Chainsaw Man in 2023.

Part 2 of the manga is going steady. Anime special events and the Chainsaw Man Exhibition is coming!

But as much as I love this cute art, I was hoping to see a possible Rabbit Devil reveal. So in light of this, I’m going to list some bunnies you wouldn’t want to meet.

Pet Shop of Horrors
This is what happens when you give her cookies! Pic credit: Madhouse

Alice in Pet Shop of Horrors

Don’t be deceived. That’s a rabbit who looks like the Hayward’s dead daughter! When Mr. and Mrs. Hayward can’t bear the pain of losing their only daughter.

They decided to visit a pet shop in Chinatown. Only to discover a girl who likes their daughter? Count D, the proprietor, tells them that she’s a rabbit and he is willing to sell her to them.

They must sign a contract stating they’ll only give fresh vegetables and water, never show her to others, and always keep some incense burning. That shouldn’t have been hard for them.

But it turns out that Mrs. Hayward overindulged her daughter, and Alice died of drug overuse. And the rabbit starts begging for cookies and sweets.

So the Haywards break the contract and give them to her. A day or so later, Alice’s stomach is burst open, and human-looking babies come out.

And sadly, they crave human flesh and breed quickly. Pet Shop of Horrors is a short anime that deserves a look and a continuation.

As each episode focuses on new characters and different pets.

Shirotabi from Ghost Stories

Don’t watch the dub if you’re easily offended! But the story of Shirotabi is a bit odd. Shirotabi is a rabbit that died and was brought back to life.

Somehow, he was able to get out of his pen, go to different schools and kill the rabbits inside them, and he was also able to get the rabbits in his pen to multiply. And then he grows huge, kills the rabbits in his pen, and starts hunting humans.

He eventually turns into a demonic-looking thing that barely resembles a rabbit. And a bunch of grade-schoolers eventually send him back to the grave.

I recommend the dub to anyone who loves watching abridged anime on YouTube. The character names and how the spirits are defeated match the Japanese version.

But how many anime dubs are given almost complete freedom? You can watch both versions on Crunchyroll or read my review here!

Monster Carrot from Dragon Ball

Monster Carrot isn’t as bloodthirsty as the first two rabbits. But it would be best if you didn’t touch him unless you want to be turned into a carrot.

Which Bulma found out the hard way. Monster Carrot, the leader of the Rabbit Mob, terrorized a village until Goku and friends arrived for supplies.

Due to her dirty clothes, Bulma was forced to wear a Bunny costume that Oolong had in his vehicle. And this made the villagers believe that she was a part of the Rabbit Mob and gave her whatever she wanted to avoid getting hurt.

But when members of the Rabbit Mob show up and begin hitting on her. Bulma told Goku they were bad guys and that he should beat them up.

Which he does. But the Rabbit Mob calls Monster Carrot and asks to shake Bulma’s hand. She smacks it away and turns into a carrot a moment later.

Fortunately, Yamcha and Puar help Goku beat Monster Carrot, and Bulma is turned back into a human. Monster Carrot and the Rabbit Mob are seen living on the moon during the Galatic Patrol Prisoner Saga.

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