Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 leaves us with questions! [Review]

Chainsaw Man
Yoru makes her move, but… Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

You have to hand it to Yoru. Even after being separated from Asa for several days, she doesn’t lose sight of her goals.

But Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 leaves us with questions and hints that we’ll finally see Nayuta! And the Chainsaw Man fanboy, formerly known as Fake Chainsaw Man, overhears a private conversation between Asa and Denji.

Is he following them or just one?

Chainsaw Man
Denji looks nervous in this panel. Pic credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Does Denji like Asa?

I loved Chainsaw Man Chapter 117. Yoru is back with Asa, they kick the Eternity Devil’s butt, and Yoru attempts to turn Denji into a sword!

Only it doesn’t work, which brings about several interesting moments. First, Denji thinks Asa is playing with him and puts his hand on her head, saying, Asa Spinal Sword!

Then Yoru reveals that her feelings and Asa’s are connected. Before they head home and Asa questions Yoru about Fami.

Yoru says she hasn’t seen Fami and didn’t recognize her in a long time. And Asa should avoid her because she’s crazy.

But it’s a safe bet that Famine isn’t going to keep her distance. Yoru soon passes out, and Asa is left trying to figure out what happened between her and Denji.

Does he not like her despite asking for another date? Or is there something else at play here? Since Denji is a hybrid, and Chainsaw Man did eat parts of Yoru’s body, he might be immune to Yoru’s weapon-changing abilities.

But Asa doesn’t know this and thinks she hates Denji. So Denji approaches Asa at school and invites her to a movie theater.

There’s a sale, and they can watch as many mummy movies as they want all night! However, Asa is still confused about how Denji feels about her and suggests renting movies would be cheaper.

Denji agrees and asks Asa if she has a VCR. She doesn’t and asks Denji if he has one. Denji does, but he’s reluctant to let Asa come over.

Return of the Control Devil!

Asa is ready to cancel the date, but Denji relents. She can come over as long as she obeys the house rules.

It’s rare to see Denji get serious, so we know he means it. But Asa doesn’t understand why he’s making a big deal out of it.

And asks what’ll happen if she breaks the rules. Denji says she’ll die, and we see the president of the Devil Hunter Club has overheard them.

Regardless of if he’s following one or both of them. We can see that Denji is sweating in the above panel, and we know how strong Makima was.

But the big question is, how strong is Nayuta? Or are we being misled, and there’s another reason Denji insists on ensuring Asa knows about the rules?

We didn’t get to see Nayuta much in Part 1. And fans have been hoping to see her in action in Part 2.

But what will happen if Famine invites herself over, so she can “help” Asa? And will the Death Devil soon make her debut?

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