One Piece Chapter 1069: Vegapunk unveils the mystery of Devil Fruits

Lucci One Piece
Lucci reveals his awakened form in One Piece chapter 1069. Pic credit: Shueisha

One Piece manga Chapter 1069, titled “The Desire Of All Things Are Born To This World,” is unofficially out. While this chapter has a lot of stuff where it is better to have an official translation, we’ll make do with what we have.

For those who want to wait for the official translation, the chapter will drop on Sunday as usual.

If you don’t already know, One Piece has basically become a bi-monthly release for the next six weeks. You can check out the release schedule here.

But what a mind-blowing chapter Oda has gifted us before taking a break. He definitely knew that we would need 2 weeks to process everything that happened.

One Piece Chapter 1069 cover story

Chapter 1069 continues the “Germa 66’s Ahh…An Emotionless Excursion” cover story. This cover story is a flashback to the time when the MADS were sailing the seas. We see the cartoonish ship that MADS used, which is also their lab.

It seems that the “Loan Shark King” Lu Feld, who we see in Whole Cake Island, was somehow involved with MADS. Last I remember, Lu Feld was shot by Stussy, so he should be dead. Let’s see where this cover story goes.

The main chapter

What I said in my review of Chapter 1068, “The fact that Lucci hurt Atlas, who fed Luffy, tells me that Luffy is most likely going to get angry”, did happen. The reason Luffy and Lucci are fighting is that Lucci hurt Atlas. But it looks like I underestimated Lucci.

Lucci awakened form

I said that there was no way Lucci would be able to fight Yonko Luffy, but here it is. It looks like Lucci can somewhat keep up with Gear 5 Luffy!

Lucci’s new form, the awakened form of the Cat-Cat Fruit Model: Leopard, looks absolutely stunning. I saw a lot of people calling him a cheap Kaido, but in my opinion, he looks even better than Kaido’s hybrid form. But how come Yonko Kaido does not have an awakened form, but Lucci does? I’ll never understand.

I also don’t understand how Lucci has that black cloud around him. I thought only Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit users would have that, like Luffy and Yamato. Will Lucci also get some mythical powers? And if every Zoan awakening has that steam clouds, then why was this not the case with the five Jailer Beasts of Impel Down? They were explicitly stated to be Awakened Zoans.

Luffy vs Lucci

This Luffy and Lucci fight was such a wild nostalgic ride. Most people thought Luffy would absolutely thrash Lucci, but it seems like Lucci is able to fight Luffy somewhat. Even though none of Lucci’s attacks connected, Oda recreated the Luffy vs Lucci clash of Ennies Lobby (check out Chapter 409).

We see the same Cartoonish fighting style of Luffy that we saw against Kaido. In one of the panels, he even takes a nap while dodging Lucci’s attacks. Now that’s mad disrespect, LoL.

Luffy uses a new attack in this fight — “Mole Pistol,” where he punches Lucci through the ground!

I think this is as far as Lucci goes. He has fought well, but Luffy will finish the fight soon. Luffy isn’t fighting seriously yet, but as soon as he does, it’s game over.

Authority over Seraphim

Sentomaru shows up with S-Snake, S-Shark, and S-Hawk (Seraphim Boa, Jimbei, and Mihawk), and Vegapunk asks him to chase CP0 away. Kaku orders S-Bear (Seraphim Kuma) to attack the other Seraphim, but his order gets overridden by Sentomaru, who asks S-Bear to attack CP0. This is where we learn about the Pacifista Authority Structure:

  • The Five Elders
  • Dr. Vegapunk (Stella + Satellites)
  • Sentomaru
  • Holder of the Authority Chip

So the reason the Seraphim obey CP0 is that they have the Authority Chip. And the reason their order was overridden was that Sentomaru has higher Authority than CP0. Stussy also mentions that Seraphim cannot take orders via the transponder snails, so The Five Elders can’t help them.

I think the fact that you can only give orders to the Pacifista units in person will become important sometime in the future. Oda likes setting up things like this.

Sabaody 2.0

In the last chapter, we see Kuma using his devil fruit powers on himself. He is most likely coming to Egghead Island. In this chapter, we learn that Kizaru has also left for the island. And Sentomaru is already on this island. This reminds me of Sabaody, as all three antagonists of Sabaody will be here soon.

Kizaru coming to Egghead is so interesting because he is in a good relationship with Sentomaru; after all, Sentomaru calls him “Uncle”. But keep in mind that the word he uses in Japanese does not mean he is a family member.

But what would happen when Kizaru learns that Sentomaru has betrayed CP0 to side with Vegapunk? What’s more, Lucci slashes through Sentomaru to regain command over the Seraphim.

Will Kizaru still side against CP0 when he sees this? The reason this is so difficult to predict is that we don’t know a lot about Kizaru.

It would be really interesting if Kizaru also defects because it would mean that all three antagonists of the Sabaody Arc would become allies. We already know that Kuma is an ally. And now that Senomaru has chosen to go against CP0, it is possible that he also comes aboard the Thousand Sunny as Dr Vegapunk’s bodyguard.

The mystery of Devil Fruits

Despite all the crazy stuff that happened in this chapter, the one thing that takes the cake is Dr Vegapunk’s commentary on Devil Fruits.

Vegapunk reveals that there is no mention of the Gomu Gomu no Mi in the “Old Devil Fruit Encyclopedia.” He also mentions that Luffy looks like Sun God Nika described in ancient texts. Most likely, this old encyclopedia and ancient texts are from the Void Century that Vegapunk managed to read at Elbaf.

He then reveals his theory about the origins of Devil Fruits. According to Vegapunk, the Devil Fruits are the manifestation of the desires of human beings. The fruit users are unnatural, an anomaly, and this is the reason they are hated by mother nature — the sea.

This is absolutely mind-blowing. After 25 years, we finally have some clues about the origins of Devil Fruits.

So basically, people yearned for fun and laughter, and that is why there is a Hito Hito no Mi Model: Nika — The Sun God who brings joy and laughter to everyone around him.

But there are so many whacky Devil Fruits out there; who the hell yearned for them? Why is there a Jake Jake no Mi? Who yearned to become a jacket that others could wear? LoL

Anyways, this was such an amazing chapter. I’m sure a lot of theories will be born out of this one chapter.

You can check out the official One Piece manga Chapter 1069 when it drops on the Viz website.

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