My Hero Academia’s Bakugo is voted Most Valuable Hero and gets special video

My Hero Academia special video screenshot

Katsuki Bakugo was voted Most Valuable Hero in My Hero Academia’s Episode 9 for his heroic actions when he saved Deku’s life. My Hero Academia Episode 9 aired on November 26, 2022. After the episode aired the Twitter account began gathering votes by asking their followers to tweet using the hashtag #ヒロア MVP(#HeroAcaMVP) along with … Read more

One Punch Man: Serious Sneeze fan animation of Chapter 168 by RedHairedGuy will blow you away

One Punch Man Chapter 168 fan animation screenshot

On November 24, 2022, One Punch Man fan and animator RedHairedGuy animated the events that occur in One Punch Man Chapter 168, which feature a pivotal part of Saitama’s battle against Cosmic Garou. The video features music by various contributing artists. “Boros Theme Dark Energy” was performed by Choco Loco. “One Punch Man The Hero … Read more

Chainsaw Man Himeno voice actress Mariya Ise apologizes to Denji for that vomit kiss, Kikunosuke Toya throws up in response

On November 22, 2022, voice actress Mariya Ise, who plays Himeno in the anime Chainsaw Man, tweeted, “I’m sorry, Denji-kun.” This comment was in regards to the scene of Denji’s “reward kiss”, which occurred in Chainsaw Man Episode 7 that a lot of manga fans were both looking forward to and dreading at the same … Read more

My adventures in ColossalCon North 2022: Concerts!


I went to three concerts during ColossalCon North 2022. And I loved every second of them! Instead of discussing each individually, I’ll cover what I experienced about all three in this article. You’ll have head-bobs, fist-pumping, lots of yelling, and some people dancing until you get to the Super Thrash Bros Concert! Then you must … Read more

UFO Robo Grendizer hyped in the Middle East by Go Nagai’s Dynamic Planning, Saudi Arabia’s royal family-owned Manga Productions in strategic partnership

Go Nagai's Dynamic Planning, Saudi Arabia’s royal family-owned Manga Productions enter strategic partnership to promote UFO Robo Grendizer in the Middle East

Japanese company Dynamic Planning and Saudi Arabia’s royal family-owned Manga Productions have entered a strategic partnership that will see this Middle Eastern country use UFO Robo Grendizer (UFOロボ グレンダイザー) characters in games, amusement centers, and various other events in the Middle East. Namely, Manga Productions — a leading entertainment company in Saudi Arabia — has … Read more