Why Future Trunks is better in Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon Ball Z

Before I begin, I want to clarify that this isn’t me hating on Dragon Ball Super. It’s hit-and-miss, but the Goku Black Saga is my favorite part of Super. It was interesting because of Future Trunks and seeing him in a relationship with Mai and an evil Goku. I still haven’t found a good reason … Read more

Chainsaw Man collaborates with Japanese fashion magazine EYESCREAM to unveil cover featuring Power by NAKAKI PANTZ and staff interviews

EYESCREAM Power cover illustration

On December 2, 2022, the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga revealed that Japanese fashion and lifestyle magazine EYESCREAM (@eyescream_mag/Twitter) released a special issue focusing on the wildly popular anime Chainsaw Man. EYESCREAM issue no. 184 went on sale on December 1, 2022, and focuses on the culture … Read more

My Hero Academia’s Himiko Toga is voted Most Valuable Villain for her moving speech in Episode 10 and gets special video

My Hero Academia Episode 10 screenshot

Himiko Toga was voted Most Valuable Villain in My Hero Academia’s Episode 10 after her guts for confronting Uraraka about whether or not the heroes would eventually try to kill her. My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 “The Ones Within Us” aired on December 3, 2022 and Himiko Toga was voted Most Valuable Villain … Read more

The Great Berserk Exhibition — 32 years of Kentaro Miura’s art career — Sapporo Edition announced

Guts and Griffith take on Zodd during a battle in the Berserk manga.

Fans of the late Kentaro Miura will have an opportunity to view his phenomenal artwork at The Great Berserk Exhibition. The exhibition will take place in the City of Sapporo and receive official support from the Hokkaido Government. And is organized by the Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., LTD. in cooperation with The Great Berserk Exhibition … Read more

One Piece Episode 1043 revisits Brook’s backstory

Brook One Piece

One Piece Episode 1043, titled “Slash the Nightmare – Brook Draws His Freezing Sword,” aired on December 4, 2022, with a lot of action and a lot of flashbacks. After revisiting Nico Robin’s backstory in Episode 1042, One Piece Episode 1043 focuses on Brook’s backstory. Robin wasn’t the only one to walk into Black Maria’s … Read more

FaZe Clan x Naruto Shippuden clothing, PC gear collab unveils new Shinobi-worthy gear

Naruto finally bonding with Kurama

Although Naruto Uzumaki may have outlived his prime, the anime has endured for many years since its release. Even today, new collectibles and spin-offs are still being produced based on the popular series. Fans received some FaZe Clan merchandise earlier in May 2022.   We have now received the second batch of merchandise from the FaZe Clan … Read more