Does Spy x Family Chapter 74 mark the end of the Red Circus Arc? [Review]

Spy X Family Episode 18 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 18 screenshot featuring a confident Anya. Pic credit:

Spy x Family Chapter 74 hinted at Yor joining the chaos at the start and ended positively. Everyone is safe and ready to return home.

Martha showed off a new taser gun. And Mr. Henderson sadly didn’t do much. But that’s alright because who could predict that Anya would save the day?

Spy x Family
Is there more to Mr. Henderson than meets the eye? Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Yor is a true mother!

We don’t know the exact time, but it’s dark, and Yor calls Eden Academy to find out where Anya is. We don’t know who Yor is talking to or their side of the conversation.

But Yor is told that the field trip is running late. Yor tries to calm down, but she calls Sharon and learns that Sharon was told the field trip was canceled.

The scene cuts back to the bus with Anya boldly standing up to Billy’s attention. But, unfortunately, she didn’t plan ahead and said she was hungry again.

The SSS is ready to storm the bus, and one of the Red Circus members has a real bomb with him. Fortunately, Anya starts saying things she heard Billy’s daughter, Biddy, say before she died.

Billy can’t help thinking about Biddy, but he isn’t ready to stop. So he removes the fake bomb from Anya’s neck and tells her to get off the bus.

But Anya refuses and says she wants more rations. Billy is confused and wonders if the economy has worsened since he hid outside the country.

Wasn’t Eden supposed to be for the elite? Shouldn’t he be surrounded by spoiled brats who eat high-quality food daily?

Why would a spoiled rich girl want to eat disgusting rations?

End of the line for the Red Circus?

Billy doesn’t have the heart to threaten Anya again, and he grabs a gun and the bomb before leaving the bus. He claims he was the sole organizer of this kidnapping and asks for leniency for his two teammates.

But the man who brought the bomb isn’t ready to go to jail. So first, he tries to drive the bus away but is stopped by armored vehicles.

Then he grabs Anya to use her as a shield! However, the SSS is about to risk shooting him regardless of Anya when Martha hits the Red Circus member with a taser!

Billy looks back at Anya one last time before walking away in custody. Unfortunately, an announcement on the news doesn’t fit the exact situation.

But with so many influential people involved, it’s doubtful that anyone will find out the truth. But how are they going to keep the students from talking?

And what will happen when Yor and Loid find out?

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