Who is Franky really from Spy x Family?

Spy x Family
Guess who’s on babysitting duty again. Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Franky deserves more respect. Not only does he make items and help Loid with his missions. But he’s one of the few people Loid trusts.

You can see it in some of their interactions. It may be that Franky is one of Loid’s closest friends.

This article focuses on Season 1 of Spy x Family but will mention later chapters of the manga.

Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot
Spy X Family Episode 20 screenshot featuring a sleep-deprived Franky. Just what has he been up to? Pic credit: @spy-family.net

An unstoppable force!

Similar to Loid and Anya, we meet Franky in episode 1. We don’t know how long he’s been living there, but Loid knew where he was.

This indicates that the two keep in touch, similar to how WISE contacts Loid about his missions. In addition, season 1 shows Franky as both comedic relief and has known Loid for a long time.

Yet Franky doesn’t appear to work for WISE. The manga confirms this as Fiona approaches Franky to assist her with one of her missions on Loid’s recommendations.

This is Fiona’s first time meeting Franky, and she doesn’t appreciate the trust between Franky and Loid. The manga also reveals how Franky and Loid meet but hasn’t shown how the two begin to work together.

Anya’s favorite uncle!

Franky was the one who researched Anya’s background and has babysat her several times. As one of the few people who knows the whole truth about the Forger family.

Franky is privy to many moments with them. He reminds Loid that falling in love and having a family isn’t possible for people like them.

And he isn’t pleased when he asks Anya if she loves Loid and Yor, and she says yes. This doesn’t mean that Franky is plotting something or has learned something new about Anya.

He would have told Loid about Project Apple if that was the case. But there’s more going on behind the question.

Loid visits Franky frequently in the anime, and Franky loves to mess with him. But just like with Fiona, he knows something is changing inside Loid.

If Franky discovers the truth about Anya and Yor, will he tell Loid? Or will he keep it to himself so Loid can be happy?

My favorite Franky scene is when he’s in a bar after being turned down by a woman working at a cigar store. Franky wants romance but sadly hasn’t gotten it yet.

So Loid sits with him, and they drink together. If that doesn’t prove that Franky and Loid are friends, then I don’t know what does!

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